September 8, 2008

Your Life Now Animated

I just finished watching the movie Miss Potter. It’s the real life story about the children’s author and illustrator Beatrix Potter. She is the best-selling author of children’s stories, including the “Tale of Peter Rabbit.” It was so inspiring because it tells of a tale of a woman’s imagination as a child. She was fearless in her pursuit to express herself through her art and her stories that brought the images alive. She said that when she started a page she had no idea where the journey would take her. For me, this is what life is about, the journey that we begin, but not knowing the destination. How many of us are willing to follow our heart’s journey? I highly recommend watching the movie “Miss Potter” as it will touch your heart and awaken the imagination of a child.

Today, as you go about your business imagine a life that you want to live, tell your story the way you want it to be. Start looking at the people and things all around you and see them, not just notice them. This alone could change your life. Start seeing the very things that show up a little more animated, a little more alive, a little more sensation.

If I relate this topic to nature I can only relate my own experience related to the fruit trees just a block from my home. I never noticed them for a couple of years now. And yet, they are so alive and so awesome. When the trees just have leaves now I notice their awesomeness and their aliveness. And when they produce fruit I now stand there in appreciation for the gifts the tree bears. In my ignorance the tree still existed and in its existence it still was awesome, but I lacked the awareness to even notice.

In fact, just recently I discovered passion fruit trees in my backyard. They are producing fruit. I wondered where the fruit was falling from, as the little yellow fruit just appeared one day. I didn’t even pay attention to its source. It took me a couple weeks to focus on the source and to pay attention to where this beautiful and tasty fruit was falling from. Then weeks later I realize that the huge trees that are full of intertwining vines are in fact passion fruit producing trees. It was only today that I realized that I had a couple of these awesome trees growing where I co-exist.

During this journey of discovering what is surrounding me I also figured out that there were not only several types of mango varieties in the 20 or more trees within 2 blocks of my home but also papaya trees, a lemon tree, a pomelo tree, an orange tree, coconut palms and at least one avocado tree. It’s amazing really. I know it’s Hawaii, but who could possibly imagine this abundance so near but so far away when I closed off my senses? It makes me feel so alive when I realize that this reality is now opening to me.

Just like Miss Potter I am so grateful that my senses have been awakened and my awareness to what is all around me is now visible to my outer eyes. And in that awakening I know that the “reality” of what is can become even more colorful and animated; just like the pigs, ducks and rabbits Miss Potter could see and hear and helped come alive to her many readers.

On your journey towards awareness allow yourself to become awakened within as you explore your inner and outer world that surrounds you.

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