May 19, 2009



I have been meaning to write on this topic for a long time now. Celebrations mean a lot to me. And hosting or cooking for celebrations is one of my favorite things to do.

Whether it's a birthday party, Easter, a baptism or another holiday. I can be creative. Guests can be creative.

For Easter this year my friend Katherine was in charge of Easter eggs and the baskets. The colors. The sweetness. I had some colorful candles and before you know it we had a beautiful festive table. And of course the food was delicious. The day was gorgeous. It was a day of celebration.

For my mother's 70th birthday it was important to create a memorable day. I created the feast. However, I included the guests in contributing special words of wisdom, a song, a poem.

For Thanksgiving this past year I cooked for 2 families. What I loved about it was that I knew that that I was creating a memory, for the families, the children, for all of us.
I believe in celebrating in a big, colorful way, with food, friends, and a splash of class. My father taught me an ancient Japanese proverb. Always treat your guests as if it was the last time you would see them. Treat them to the best food, the best wines and the most memorable experience.

Perhaps this is why people remember my parties and events. For me, I love making a day extra special. I want people to feel special. I want the guests to feel loved and appreciated and know that we are celebrating the moment together.
It's not how many breaths we take, it's the moments that take our breath away.

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