June 8, 2009

Family Reunion on Maui - A Moment to Celebrate

A moment is all we have. It's very enjoyable to participate in "a moment." And to faciliate "moments" for guests. In May I had an opportunity to provide several families a sunset moment. They were celebrating birthdays, retirement, a move to Maui, anniversaries, and families being together on Maui. It was awesome. They enjoyed the conversation. They enjoyed the children playing. They enjoyed the sunset. They loved the treats I made, coconut shrimp served in a pineapple bowl, caramelized Maui onion focaccia, tropical fruit and fresh avocadoes. It's important to capture "a moment." It's important to take a breath...savor the moment...and celebrate everything. Celebrate the people around you. Celebrate the air we breathe. Celebrate the triumphs. Celebrate the milestones. Celebrate the sunset. Celebrate the flavors. And celebrate the moment.

I know for sure that this experience of me following my heart and living my passion and doing what I love has allowed me to participate in many "moments." I love being able to participate and facilitate and share my passion with others.

And what I love is the awesome beauty and variety and locations and beautiful spaces I get to enjoy, cook in and savor. Take in the moment. Appreciate the moment. Savor it. Celebrate today!

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