August 13, 2009

Simply Summer Fresh

Simply Summer Fresh Celebrating

I do love parties and I do love sharing special events over food! It really doesn't have to be a special event, any event becomes special.

This summer I had a good friend come and visit. And a friend of mine on the island had her sister and friend here as well. Time to celebrate.

I found some fabulous cheeses: creamy Delice de Bourgogne and Five Pokes raw white cheddar. I found these at Costco! Needless to say the guests oohed and ahhed, I threw in some dried cherries, candied ginger and some cashews and macadamia nuts to round off the cheese platter. I servd with thin slices of ciabatta lightly toasted.

Dinner was a simple avocado tomato basil and garlic salad with some garlic toasts. There were teriyaki chicken and tofu skewers with peanut sauce for nibbling. There were some of my famous rosemary sweet potatoes that are always a hit. And for dessert I outdid myself with my triple berry trifle by adding a layer of mango puree! Needless to say the guests were in trifle heaven.

Share with friends. Appreciate the moment, and make it a special event. Add a twist to your family recipe to make it even a little more memorable and make it your own. And remember to eat well with those around you and make today special. Make the table bright and cheerful with an array of dishes that showcase a variety of ingredients with lots of colors. Add a few colored candles. Make your guests smile with a little extra effort of something that reminds them of YOU as you spread your Aloha Spirit with them.

Always fresh. Always delicious. Always with Aloha.

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